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Mandy Smiles!!!!

We are Sooooo Thrilled!  Mandy has been home just a week and we already see unbelievable changes in her!  We haven’t witnessed a smile from her since this tragedy began and we saw her smile and even appear to laugh for the first time!  GOD IS AWESOME!  I pray we will continue to see advances in her condition! 12115476_10208300617139513_6289059257637774503_n11045486_10208300617859531_1775533224294860918_n

Mandy Smiles Video


Home at Last!

Mandy finally made her trek home from Sabal Palms…Thank you Lord!

12189608_10208272273230933_7165016870037511753_n 10984241_10208272273510940_3760758893084887649_n 12239558_10208278941517636_8427898873260302498_n 12241436_10208278942477660_152447916765175307_n 12234969_10208278942277655_3078446441127889772_n Sleeping like a baby!

Mandy’s New Room is Ready!

We still have some photos to add to the walls and filling is a few frames, but Mandy’s room is finally ready for her!12189980_10208241711706914_4237662160388174807_n 12196055_10208241711826917_1846977172671524888_n 12193274_10208241712026922_1420150664050945853_n